Consult Appendex Z - No 1: Interstellar Travel Events

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Consult Appendex Z - No 1: Interstellar Travel Events

Post by PaulB » Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:45 pm

The brilliant streaks of the fleeing ships pierced the dark at the boundary of the Bilbringi system. The cold blue fire of their ion drives seared the void. Blaster fire peppered the hull plates of every vessel, pummelling the structural fields with relentless destructive energy intent on a single purpose. The commanders of the fleeing ships pressed on toward the very edges of the system, gathering an incremental lead on the much slower, purposeful enemy ships. Until they found the limits of the systems gravity shadow, they could not make the jump.

Then the fleet punched light speed… and you expected the players to stand and fight. So... What now?

For those moments when your players have taken the inevitable path away from whatever you have planned, the Consult Appendix Z series provides the ideal tool for conjuring up a quick random solution to get you through to the end of the session or your next flash of inspiration. In 18 packed pages, the Interstellar Travel Events supplement provides more than 70 random encounters for space opera and hard sci-fi settings. You can either roll randomly with a 6-sided die or flick to a random page and choose a numbered section, then inflict the content on your appreciative players.

Consult Appendix Z - #1: Interstellar Travel Events is a system-free supplement and you can easily adapt it to your favourite game system or campaign setting.

Consult Appendix Z - #1: Interstellar Travel Events available now at RPGNow - $2.49 for 18 pages of crunchy dice rolling stuff.

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